Two Sunday @A3C Block Parties in the Old Fourth Ward @BeerAndTacOs #A3C2013

Starting at 3 PM, there were two large block parties taking place along Edgewood Avenue as part of A3C, and these drew some of the largest crowds of the week since they were free and did not require wristbands. The one on the large Old Fourth Ward stage was hosted by Questlove of The Roots and featured DJ’s playing nothing but classic old-school hip-hop all afternoon. The other block party was behind Noni’s Deli and was sponsored by an Atlanta event collective known as Beer and Tacos. This event was hosted by my good friend Fort Knox, and featured a line-up of hip-hop performers on the outdoor stage. As the afternoon wore on, however, clouds began to gather in the west, and the day soon grew overcast. At about 5 PM, I made the decision to drive down to Six Feet Under (a seafood restaurant) for dinner, and I made the right decision just in the nick of time, because the storms and heavy rains broke while I was eating dinner on the outdoor roof. From there I headed to the Sun Dial bar on the 72nd floor of the Westin Atlanta for coffee and dessert, although the view of the city was obscured by so many storms. Seeing lightning directly outside the windows was interesting though!

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