A Spring Walk Across the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge

001 Crump Park002 The Old Magnolia003 Crump Park004 Crump Park005 Crump Park006 Mississippi Arkansas Bridge007 Mississippi Arkansas Bridge008 Bridge Skyline009 Economy Boat Store010 Mississippi River011 Island Queen012 Ornamental Metal Museum013 Arkansas014 Arkansas015 Arkansas Swamps016 Arkansas Swamps017 Mississippi River018 Memphis & Arkansas Bridge

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, with not much going on, I decided to join a walking tour that was walking across the old Memphis & Arkansas Bridge. The tours are apparently held to increase interest in the Harahan Bridge redevelopment scheme, and I must say, I think they work. We met in Crump Park, one of the city’s forgotten and disused parks, which sits at the foot of the bridge near a Super 8 motel that used to be a Holiday Inn years ago. The park has a magnificent old magnolia tree in its center where we met the tour director who gave us a lecture about the park and the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge, which was erected in 1949. He also gave us information about the Harahan project, and then we set off walking across the bridge to Arkansas. The view from the bridge provides a lot of opportunities for photographs, even though the other two bridges effectively block any good view of the city’s skyline. And even though the weather was hot, it was not unbearably so, and all of the trees and grass were beautiful at this time of year.

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