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Betty Davis’ Ponderosa
Betty Davis’ Ponderosa

Rain But Undampened Spirits As The North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic Kicks Off

The North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic, sponsored annual at Waterford, Mississippi by Sarah and Kenny Brown, is arguably the most important annual event in the …

Duwayne Burnside Et Al Closes Out Friday Night On A High Note #HillCountryPicnic2013

After David Kimbrough came off stage, he was followed by R. L. Burnside’s son Duwayne, who was quickly joined on stage by Kenny Brown, Kinney Kimbrough and many other guests. Duwayne smiles easy and often, his face alive with the shear joy of creating, and his incredible facility on the guitar reminds us whose son he is. There was no better closing act for the first night than the Duwayne Burnside band, with a crew of little Burnside children posted up on the stage, their eyes filled with wonder. The tradition is alive, and will continue.