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Just as Devin the Dude has always been slightly different than the “typical” Texas  rap artist (if there’s even such a thing as a typical Texas rap artist), his group the Coughee Brothaz have also been decidedly different. And with their latest release, Fresh Brew, the difference is starkly evident. You’ll hear no brags about drug dealing, cars, clothes or jewelry. The overriding emphasis is funk, and if a lot of the lyrics deal with the joys of marijuana, others are truly motivational, such as “No Such Thang as I Can’t” and “Backstrokin’”, the latter dealing with the importance of money. There is an all-star cast of guests, too, including the other two Odd Squad members Rob Quest and Jugg Mugg, as well as Slim Thug and South Park Coalition founder K-Rino. All in all, Fresh Brew is a release of exquisite quality and lasting importance. 

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