Founded 1963 Relaunched 2019. The Postmodern South.

Some advance announcements about San Quinn’s album Can’t Take The Ghetto Out A Ni#@a referred to it as a “street album”, but rarely has a street album been as exquisitely polished as this. From beginning to end, the album overflows with first-class beats and skillful lyrics, from songs with a dirty-south tinge like “It’s Bad Bruh” or the single “Big Bank”, to more traditional Bay Area anthems like “Live Wit Dat Decision”, “They Know Da Business” or the title track “Can’t Take The Ghetto Out A Ni#@a.” Some other well-known Bay Area artists appear on the album as well, including Sac Sin, Nino Black, E-40 and Guce, with tracks from such Bay Area producers as Big D, Cosmo, Flashy Beats, J-Sin and Eklips Da Hustla. While Can’t Take The Ghetto Out A Ni#@a could certainly be considered a street album from a lyrical standpoint, as the songs consistently deal with the realities of ghetto life, the prevailing sound is something far more perfect and lavish, perfect for riding around San Francisco with the top down on a summer’s day. 

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