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Next Stop-Great Coffee at Dyersburg’s Bus Stop
Next Stop-Great Coffee at Dyersburg’s Bus Stop

Next Stop-Great Coffee at Dyersburg’s Bus Stop

Bus travel is not exactly what it used to be, and downtown bus stops are largely a thing of the past, leaving cities struggling to figure out what to do with them. But one of the most interesting and creative rehabilitations of a bus terminal I have seen is in Dyersburg, where an old Greyhound station has been transformed into Bus Stop Dyersburg, a first-rate coffee bar.

The 1930’s-style art deco building has been painted a brilliant blue and white, and the interior is bright and welcoming, with wooden tables and modern art on the walls. The Bus Stop offers espresso-based drinks, a selection of baked goods, and a small lunch menu. In the warmer weather months, they occasionally feature live music on weekends.

Bus Stop Dyersburg

304 W Court St

Dyersburg, TN 38024

(731) 334-5205

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  1. Jill Cunningham

    I was there today at the drive thru at lunchtime and I sure learned my lesson . And If I come again I will call my food in for now own. The girl took my order and said it would be a few mins. She or anyone could have come back to let me know how much of a wait it would be, or why it was taking so long and/pr never apologize for the wait. I did move up because cars were behind me , but I had to call to see what was going on with my food. I waited 25 mins. This was ridiculous and no one apologized . This shouldn’t of happened .

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