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Getting Into the @DoritosUSA #Boldstage @SXSW 2013
Getting Into the @DoritosUSA #Boldstage @SXSW 2013

Getting Into the @DoritosUSA #Boldstage @SXSW 2013

I really thought I wouldn’t get to go to the Doritos’ Boldstage, because I hadn’t RSVP’d, and, worse, I couldn’t figure out how to. Checks of websites didn’t help, nor did checking with the info desk in the Austin Convention Center, and I really wanted to be there, since LL Cool J and Public Enemy seemed like a cool line-up. Finally, in desperation I found the event on Facebook, hit the “Like” button and posted a message to their wall asking how people get to attend the event. I had done that earlier in the day on Thursday, and to my amazement, I actually heard back from them, telling me that I merely had to be in line with my badge before the place filled to capacity.
So I resolved to get in line about 7 PM, which was an hour before the stage gates were scheduled to open. The line for badgeholders was long, but not such that we despaired of ever getting inside, and even better, we got a chance to see some of the members of Public Enemy, who were leaving after completing their soundcheck.
Inside, the good folks at Doritos had spared no expense. The stage was awash in a sea of different colors. Above it was a large screen that simulated a Doritos vending machine. Fans could “purchase” one of the pictured bags of snacks by sending a tweet with the location number in it. The screen would then show all the Twitter names of those who made “purchases.” Fans could also vote for certain stage and lighting effects (also using Twitter), and there was a cool type of electric display in which sparks pulsed to the music played by the DJ’s. The place was crowded, and one could only stand up, but it was fun nonetheless as we waited for the first acts to appear on stage.

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