Evening @A3C Showcases and Dinner at Harold’s Chicken @AtlHaroldsChick @349edgewood #A3C2013

From the Spring & 4th Center, I headed back over to the Melia, and caught the shuttle out to the Old Fourth Ward showcases, and then rode the other shuttle out to East Atlanta Village and the 529 venue before heading back to the Old Fourth Ward. I decided to have dinner at Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar, which is the Atlanta branch of a famous Chicago fried chicken chain. Unlike the Chicago stores, the Atlanta location is a little more upscale, with an “ice bar” that literally stays frozen to keep drinks cold, big screen TV’s and a dance floor. The place was so crowded when I walked in that there was basically no place to move. I thought the chicken was decent, but didn’t quite see what all the fuss was about. Good chicken? Yes. Best ever? No, at least not in my book. Yet the atmosphere in the place was fun, college football games were on the big screens and a DJ was playing plenty of hip-hop and old-school in the back room so people could dance. And the prices are reasonable in a city where dining out can get expensive.

Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar
349 S Edgewood Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30312-1727
(404) 577-0001

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