Smif-N-Wesson Enters The Stage at the @DuckDownMusic Bar-B-Que at @A3C @SmifNWesson @Buckshot

The Duck Down Bar-B-Que at A3C was sponsored by Duck Down Music, and therefore the main act was Smif-N-Wessun, along with other members of the Boot Camp Click (the Brooklyn one, not the Louisiana one). The surprise for me though was when they broke out with songs off the classic Black Moon album Enter The Stage, which I hadn’t at all been expecting, and which sent me hustling back to the festival area.

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SXSW Day 4: Who The Heck Is @TanyaMorgan? @AudibleTreats

When they announced that the next act to come on stage would be Tanya Morgan, of course I was expecting to see a female rap artist come up. Two guys was the last thing I would have expected. But they soon made us understand that Tanya Morgan was the name of their Brooklyn-based rap group, which strangely had no female members at all, and the origin of the name remained unexplained. But they proved to be a decent New York-style hip-hop group.