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Joe’s House of Blues
Joe’s House of Blues

Second-Lining On The Roof

#279 Second-Lining on the Roof-Men of Class 2012.MOV (by John Shaw)

Second-liners often end up on roofs of cars, roofs or buildings or other high places, either to see everything below from a vantage point, or in the hopes of being seen or noticed themselves. At the Men of Class second-line at Joe’s House of Blues, Seventh and Dryades, Uptown New Orleans, 10/21/12

Men of Class at Joe’s House of Blues, New Orleans

The stops along a second-line route are primarily places for the parading organization to show honor and respect to other organizations (and vice versa), but large crowds gather at these spots, many of which are traditionally-significant locations, so the intersections become sudden venues, at which dancers show off their creativity and skill and vendors sell their food, drinks or other products. Note the second-liner who is dancing on the roof of Joe’s House of Blues, Uptown New Orleans, 10/21/12

The Men of Class Second-Line Uptown

The Men of Class second-line works its way through Uptown to Joe’s House of Blues at Seventh and Dryades. This neighborhood bar is known as a venue for Mardi Gras Indian practices, and also has the occasional live blues or soul band. 10/21/12