First Memphis Had Stax, Now We Have Staks

The interior of the new @stakspancakekitchen in Memphis is pleasantThere has been a virtual explosion of new restaurants in Memphis. Staks Pancake Kitchen is yet another.
Traditionally, Memphis has been a city underserved when it comes to breakfast restaurants. Aside from national chains, and a local chain of 24-hour diners, there haven’t been many options until recently. But 2015 has ushered in a whole lot of new dining choices, including the interestingly-named Staks Pancake Kitchen in East Memphis at the intersection of Poplar and Perkins. In the Bluff City, “Stax” meant records, but “Staks” means pancakes, and really good ones at that. My first experience was on the day after grand opening, and even on a weekday, there was something of a crowd. I chose an ordinary breakfast of bacon and eggs, along with Lavazza coffee, and found it quite good. On a second visit, I tried the specialty, pancakes, and found them equally impressive. Not that the early days have been entirely smooth sailing. There are often long wait times for tables, particularly on weekends, and occasionally waits occur when the kitchen is backed up on orders, even if tables are available. But the food is consistently good, and the interior colorful and cheerful. Staks is a welcome addition to Memphis mornings. Keep in mind that they close daily at 2 PM.

Staks Pancake Kitchen
4615 Poplar Avenue, Suite 102
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 509-2367