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Victory Grill
Victory Grill

At the @CuttingEdgeNOLA Showcase at the Victory Grill in East Austin #SXSW 2012

Cutting Edge NOLA is the oldest music conference and festival in New Orleans, and this year they sponsored a SXSW showcase at the Victory Grill in Austin, featuring many of the same performers they have had in previous Cutting Edge festivals. The 2012 Cutting Edge conference will be in September in New Orleans. Go to for further info or registration.

Miles Davis’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr. plays the drums at the Victory Grill, East Austin, SXSW, March 15, 2012

The close of the Miles Davis Tribute event at the Victory Grill was an open jam session for all musicians, featuring a number of performers including Miles’ nephew, drummer Vince Wilburn Jr. March 15, 2012

The Historic Victory Grill, East Austin

The Victory Grill is one of the oldest African-American nightclubs in the country, and one of only a select few stops on the “chitlin’ circuit” to still be functioning in 2012. Of course it sometimes books rock bands these days, and the front has become an excellent coffee bar called the Purple Bean. But it is very much still in operation, and during SXSW sponsored a daylong tribute to the memory of Miles Davis. 

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