Founded 1963 Relaunched 2019. The Postmodern South.

After a significant hiatus, Project Pat returns with his new solo album Loud Pack on Hypnotized Minds, sure to please fans of hard-core Memphis rap. Revelling in political incorrectness, Pat raps about robbery, drug dealing, gang-banging and marijuana, but he does it so energetically and over beats so banging with the classic Hypnotized Minds sound and feel that the listener can’t help being exhilarated as all the rules are broken. Stacking paper seems to be the dominant theme of the album, expressed in songs such as “Duffle Bag”, “7 Days A Week”, “Money On My Mind” and the final “Dollar Signs”, which features appearances from Three-6 Mafia and Rick Ross. “I Play Dope Boy” , “Flashin” and indirectly “Niggas So Cut Throat” are songs about robberies and treachery. “Gang Signs” rejoices in the nihilism of gang-banging and bragging about it, but over a powerful beat that makes the whole thing seem fun, while “I Got A Question” is delivered over a track full of Asian musical influences. The only really pimped-out track on Loud Pack is “Kelly Green”, a tribute to the mystic weed personified as a woman, over a soulful, laid-back groove. Production, by DJ Paul and Juicy J, is first-rate throughout, making Loud Pack an album not to be missed. 

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