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DJ Cotton Here Royalty:  The Best Of Playa Fly (2011, Mix)

Well, anytime someone decides to put together 80 minutes of the King of Funkytown’s best records, I’ll be listening.

Fly, as you may know, is a Memphis rap O.G. His career dates back to the early 90s, when he was known as Lil’ Fly, and working with DJ Paul and Juicy J in the Triple Six days. But much like almost every artist that worked with M-Town’s Most Known Unknown, Fly had a bitter falling out after the release of Mystic Stylez, jumping ship for Super Sigg records, where he would release some of his strongest work — Fly Shit; Movin’ On.

In 1999, Fly was arrested for possession of narcotics, and sentenced to 7 years in prison, but still managed to release (and make appearances on) Fly2K in 2002. Four years later, in mid-2006, Fly was released from prison, and would unveil a couple of mixtapes over the next few years, including 2010’s King Of All Kings, a welcome return to form from Fly.

Playa Fly’s music is buck, soulful, funky and earnest. It’s nearly the perfect encapsulation of why Memphis rap remains so viable and influential, more than two decades later. 


(via DGB)

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