Flux Night Winding Down in Castleberry Hill @A3C #A3C2013

After the Wolfpack performance, I decided to walk around the Castleberry Hill neighborhood to check out the rest of Flux Night, but as I soon found out, the event was largely coming to an end. What it had been was a series of performance art works and some visual installations, which were scattered all over the neighborhood, as if the whole area was a gigantic outdoor art gallery. It was actually a pretty cool concept. I walked down past the No Mas Cantina, all the way down to Peters Street, where there were some urban clubs. I started to go inside, but they were crowded, and nobody seemed to be performing. There were no bands, and it just seemed to be all DJ-based music. So I walked back to my car, and headed back to the Melia Hotel for the night.

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