Parading Uptown with the Lady Buckjumpers and the Stooges and Rebirth Brass Bands

001 Lady Buckjumpers002 Lady Buckjumpers004 Stooges Brass Band005 Lady Buckjumpers006 Lady Buckjumpers007 Lady Buckjumpers009 Lady Buckjumpers010 Lady Buckjumpers011 Lady Buckjumpers012 Lady Buckjumpers013 Rebirth Brass Band014 Rebirth Brass Band015 Lady Buckjumpers016 Rebirth Brass Band017 Gloria's Restaurant018 Lady Buckjumpers019 Lady Buckjumpers020 Lady Buckjumpers021 Lady Buckjumpers022 Lady Buckjumpers023 Broadway Bar025 Rebirth Brass Band026 Rebirth Brass Band028 Lady Buckjumpers030 Rebirth Brass Band031 Lady Buckjumpers032 Lady Buckjumpers033 Lady Buckjumpers036 Lady Buckjumpers037 Lady Buckjumpers038 Lady Buckjumpers039 Lady Buckjumpers040 At the Second-Line041 Lady Buckjumpers043 Lady Buckjumpers044 Lady Buckjumpers045 Lady Buckjumpers046 Lady Buckjumpers047 Lady Buckjumpers048 Lady Buckjumpers049 Rebirth Brass Band051 Lady Buckjumpers052 Lady Buckjumpers053 Positive Brothers054 Lady Buckjumpers055 At the Second-Line056 At the Second-Line057 Lady Buckjumpers058 Lady Buckjumpers059 Lady Buckjumpers060 Lady Buckjumpers061 Buckjumpers062 Buckjumpers063 Buckjumpers064 Buckjumpers065 Buckjumpers066 Buckjumpers067 Buckjumpers068 Buckjumpers069 Buckjumpers070 Buckjumpers071 Buckjumpers072 Buckjumpers073 Lady Buckjumpers074 Lady Buckjumpers075 Lady Buckjumpers076 Lady Buckjumpers077 Buckjumpers078 Lady Buckjumpers079 Lady Buckjumpers082 Lady Buckjumpers083 Lady Buckjumpers084 Lady Buckjumpers085 Lady Buckjumpers086 Lady Buckjumpers087 Rebirth Brass Band088 Lady Buckjumpers089 Lady Buckjumpers090 Food Trucks091 Food Trucks092 Rebirth Brass Band093 Rebirth Brass Band096 Rebirth Brass Band099 Silky's100 Lady Buckjumpers101 Silky's102 Silky's103 At the Second-Line104 At the Second-Line105 At the Second-Line106 At the Second-Line107 At the Second-Line108 Rebirth Brass Band109 Rebirth Brass Band111 Lady Buckjumpers112 A the Second-Line113 At the Second-Line114 At the Second-Line115 At the Second-Line116 Lady Buckjumpers117 Lady Buckjumpers118 Lady Buckjumpers119 Rebirth Brass Band121 Lady Buckjumpers122 Rebirth Brass Band123 Rebirth Brass Band124 Lady Buckjumpers125 Lady Buckjumpers126 Lady Buckjumpers127 Lady Buckjumpers129 Rebirth Brass Band130 Lady Buckjumpers131 Central City Grocery132 Central City Grocery133 Rebirth Brass Band135 Lady Buckjumpers136 Dancing on a Grave138 Lady Buckjumpers139 Buckjumpers140 Lady Buckjumpers141 Food Trucks142 Lady Buckjumpers
In New Orleans, “buckjumping” is another name for second-lining (in Memphis, it refers to “gangsta walking”), but the term “buckjump” seems to have masculine connotations, and by some accounts, in the earlier days of Black New Orleans culture, it was not common for women to second-line. So, when a group of women started a social aid and pleasure club, they named it the Lady Buckjumpers. Nowadays, they have a men’s auxiliary called the Male Buckjumpers, and their uptown New Orleans parade in November featured two brass bands, the Stooges and the Rebirth, and was one of the largest second-lines I have ever seen. Despite being the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the weather was warm and sunny, and there was a decent crowd at the beginning of the parade route, and of course second-lines pick up participants as they proceed. Here and there, exuberant dancers jumped up on power boxes, roofs, porches, and even graves as we passed by a cemetery, while others slammed the street signs as hard as they could, a tradition whose rationale has been lost to time. At each stop along the route, the crowd seemed to grow larger, and at one of them, the Rebirth Brass Band didn’t take the break, but rather gathered in a circle and played a haunting rendition of “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday.” The act seemed a ritual, probably in honor of fallen musicians. My homeboy Darren from the TBC Brass Band had come with me, and fortunately, he had left his car at one end of the parade, and I had left mine at the other, as this was one of those second-lines that ended several miles away from where it started. At the end of it, I was thoroughly tired, but the pleasant sort of tired, for nobody can really leave a second-line unhappy.

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