2 Thick Records Orange Mound Block Party @ The Bear Cave 2011

Yesterday, DJ Zirk held his first annual 2 Thick Records Orange Mound Block Party, moved indoors to the Bear Cave on East Parkway, presumably because of the excessive heat warnings. Unlike last week’s rambunctious Orange Mound Block Party, this was a smaller and quieter event, with Memphis rap veterans like Tom Skeemask and DJ Care Bear making an appearance. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was malfunctioning, and the extremely crowded room was hotter than a sauna, but we enjoyed some great Memphis rap and R & B from newcomers and veterans alike.

Walking Home from the Orange Mound Block Party after the Fights, 2011

People walking home after the fights and shooting, Orange Mound Block Party, July 30, 2011. I will never understand why people would come to a recreational event in a mood to pick a fight with someone, or why anyone could think that it was ever justifiable to shoot a gun into a crowd of people. But the end result is that the city will prevent events like this from taking place, so all of us will be the losers because 6 or 7 people would rather fight and shoot than have a good time. 

Fighting Mars the Orange Mound Block Party, 2011

Late in the afternoon at the Orange Mound Block Party, a string of fights developed. One young man that had been onstage with several of the acts was beaten unconscious and had to be carried back behind the stage, and then two girls got to fighting. Shortly after that, everyone broke into a full run at the sound of gunfire. We later learned that someone had fired a shotgun into the crowd, and a young woman was hit. The police quickly flooded the park, but I could hear gunfire continuing, now coming from the northwest corner of Park and Pendleton. The ambulances came, and police began clearing out the park.