Pirate’s Lair: Visiting Lafitte, Louisiana

Friday evening, May 24th, I decided to drive out to the towns of Jean Lafitte and Lafitte south of Harvey and Gretna on the West Bank. These towns, along Barataria Bayou are named for the pirate Jean Lafitte, and are assumed to be close to where his headquarters was, the village of Grande Terre. Lafitte was a pirate who ultimately became a patriot. After being offered money by Great Britain to assist them in the War of 1812 against the United States, Lafitte refused their offer, then warned Governor Claiborne of their plans. Later, he and his Baratarians helped Andrew Jackson win a victory at the Battle of Chalmette. Today there’s no piracy, just picturesque scenery, some fishing camps and marinas, and a handful of restaurants

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