Shopping for Records and Clothes Around Atlanta #A3C2013

Because I didn’t think I’d get to otherwise, I spent the better part of Thursday during the day going around to some of my favorite stores and shops in Atlanta, like Decatur CD, Criminal Records, Wax-N-Facts and Wish ATL, and discovered some new spots, like Stadium (a hip-hop clothing boutique), Beatlab (a record store for DJ’s) and Atlast Clothing (a new hip-hop line and shop). All in all, it was an enjoyable day before I headed down to the Melia for A3C events and activities.

Criminal Records (@CriminalRecords) has been Atlanta’s alternative music store for nearly twenty years. Featuring both new and used music, it is the place for indie rock, funk, Americana and other niche genres, and its large indoor stage is the perfect place for occasional instore concerts.