Grambling, Louisiana Early Morning

Grambling, Louisiana streets can look deceptively empty on Grambling State University Homecoming morning, but that usually changes rather quickly, as people line the streets waiting for the parade. This year, it was extremely cold, but people still turned out.

Melrose Homecoming 2011 in Orange Mound, Memphis

Toward the end of the third quarter of the Melrose High School homecoming game, I realized that I needed to head on out of town if I wanted to get to Pine Bluff, Arkansas by 5 PM for the UAPB/Southern game, so I walked back to my car and rode out. 

Melrose Homecoming vs. Whitehaven in Orange Mound, 2011

Melrose High School had their homecoming game against Whitehaven on Saturday in Orange Mound, and not only was the weather perfect for football, but the atmosphere was like a college game, with both sides of the stadium packed, and two of the best high school marching bands in the stands. Across the street at the Orange Mound Community Center, the Melrose Class of 1981 was having a tailgate/picnic with a DJ, and when the bands weren’t playing, the sounds of Frankie Beverly and Maze and Willie Hutch drifted across the street along with the smells of barbecue. A perfect football day, except that Melrose was down 49 to nothing at the half.