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Louisiana-born Bobby Jones is a Chicago bluesman who has also recorded as “Bobby Jonez” and “Bobby Jonz”. Not to be confused with the gospel music star, Jones is a competent blues vocalist who has seen some popularity on the Georgia-Carolina Beach Music circuit. You Ain’t Got No Proof is seemingly Jones’ first album since 2006, and it is a return to the Southern Soul genre where his career began. The centerpiece of the album is the title track “You Ain’t Got No Proof”, which seems to build upon Jones’ 1997 hit “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”, reminding an accusing lover that there’s no proof of the charges. “Stepping is Cool” celebrates the Chicago Steppers dance craze, and “Wife and Sister” is another song about losing one’s spouse to a same-sex relationship. A few of the songs have a more contemporary R & B production, of which “You Be Loving Me” is the standout, but Jones seems at his best on blues-inflected tunes like “Stick A Fork In Me” or the title track. While You Ain’t Got No Proof doesn’t stray much beyond the familiar Southern Soul formula, it should be welcomed by fans of the genre. 

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