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The last time I went looking for Waverly, I didn’t find it, but today, armed with GPS courtesy of my iPhone, I got there. This beautiful old home, not to be confused with another Waverly near West Point, Mississippi, sits seven miles or so south of West Memphis, Arkansas beside the Mississippi River levee, and dates back at least to 1908. There is some confusion about how old the house is, but what is known is that it has been at its present location since 1908. Waverly was originally built in the 1870’s on the other side of the levee, with predictable problems from river flooding. By some accounts it was taken down, moved and reassembled in its present location in 1908. Others say that the current house has no relationship to the earlier one. Either way, it is a lovely place, and it is a shame that it is never open for tours, as I bet it is even prettier inside. 

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