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Another Day of Blues in Helena

I was late in getting to the second day of the King Biscuit Blues Festival because I had visited the massive Coldwater Trade Day sale in Coldwater, Mississippi first, but what I found when I arrived in Helena was not much different than what I had seen the night before. If anything, the daylight revealed more of the deterioration and dilapidation that has overtaken downtown Helena, including perhaps the most shocking ruin, an old motel on Walnut Street with shattered windows and gutted rooms. I did manage to catch a few decent blues acts, including the Jesse Cotton Stone Blues Band on the stage at Thad Kelley Courtyard, and Hill Country great Duwayne Burnside at the Lockwood Stage on Rightor Street near Bailee Mae’s Coffee. Behind him came the Phillip Stackhouse Band, which drew the largest crowd I had seen all day, including some enthusiastic dancers out in the street in front of the stage. Afterwards, the barbecue fest seemed to be winding down, and there were literally no other acts I had ever heard of scheduled to appear, so, although I considered trying the new Southbound Tavern for dinner, I decided to leave and drive down to Sumner, Mississippi to the Sumner Grille for dinner instead. At Sumner, there was some sort of an outdoor music concert in the square, with a country-rock band performing, but the restaurant itself wasn’t very crowded, and I my filet mignon was delicious as always.

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  1. James

    Just this past weekend, Jesse Cotton Stone played at Beck’s on Bayou Lafourche for the annual Beck’s Fest, along with crazy Cajun favorites, Nonc Nu and da Wild Matous—and 6 other very talented local acts. Jesse put on an incredible show as always, with a completely captivated crowd; he has created a very loyal following on the bayou.
    I wish I had found your blog before the event; I think you would have really enjoyed it. As every year, they rolled a pig, fried up cracklins, and made enormous pots of jambalaya and white beans–all free of course.

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