Historic Structures at Dubard, Mississippi

On an early Saturday morning, as I headed for the World Catfish Festival in Belzoni, I came to a crossroads west of Grenada on Highway 8 where there was an old company store with a sign that read “Dubard & Co.” Across the street was an old cotton gin, and there was a large and historic-looking home next to the store. I stopped there to take some photos of the historic structures, and soon learned that the community was called Dubard. It appeared to have once been a plantation or large farm, but it was awesome to see the historic structures still standing.

A check online did not yield much information about the community, but I did learn that it had once been called Dubard Station and was originally in Yalobusha County. A man named William Dubard had come to Grenada County, Mississippi from South Carolina in 1832, and the Dubard name was a prominent one in the county.

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