Juke Joint Festival: Carlos Elliott Jr & R. L. Boyce

036 Carlos Elliot, R. L. Boyce & Sherena Boyce037 Carlos Elliot & R. L. Boyce038 R. L. Boyce & Sherena Boyce039 R. L. Boyce040 R. L. Boyce041 R. L. Boyce042 R. L. Boyce043 R. L. Boyce044 Sherena Boyce045 Sherena Boyce046 Carlos Elliot & R. L. Boyce047 R. L. Boyce048 Sherena Boyce049 Carlos Elliot & R. L. Boyce050 R. L. Boyce053 R. L. Boyce & Carlos Elliot054 Carlos Elliot055 Cat Head Posters056 Cat Head Stage Crowd057 Carlos Elliot059 Sherena Boyce060 Little Joe Ayers
R. L. Boyce is really the last of the old-school Hill Country blues musicians, and was a mentor to the young South American musician Carlos Elliott Jr., who came from Colombia to Mississippi to study the traditional music of the Mississippi Hill Country. On his frequent visits back to the United States, Elliott often reconnects with Boyce and other area blues musicians, and usually performs at the Juke Joint Festival each April in Clarksdale.

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