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Al Kapone Live at the Austin Civic Center

After breakfast at Jim’s, I picked up Al Kapone and Sir Vince and we rode downtown for Al and Vince to do a Memphis Music Foundation interview. I wanted to go to the Austin Record Show that was being held as part of South By Southwest in the Convention Center, but it was a small show and I didn’t find much there. I did run into Missy Querry and Kim Martini, two of Select-O-Hits’ sales reps who were there with the owner of Perris Records.

After the interview Al and Vince were hanging out with friends at the Courtyard Marriott, and I walked over to Z Pizza for a small lunch, running into a couple of rappers from Atlanta who were there. On the walk back I stopped by a gelato shop called Paciugo, and then waited in the lobby of the Marriott, trying to get updates on the University of Memphis game.

When Al and Vince came downstairs, we caught the van over to the Austin Civic Center for another large rap show, which featured Eightball & MJG as well as Al Kapone. The people running this event were rude, however, not wanting to allow us in the green room and not allowing anyone to do sound checks. Al Kapone’s show with a live band captured the crowd however, and those who came after him just couldn’t do anything to equal the enthusiasm that a live band brings.

Vince and I went to the Magnolia Cafe afterwards for dinner, and then I drove back to the hotel. The University of Memphis won their tournament game. (March 20, 2009).

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