A Lundi Gras Party in English Turn

The place where the TBC Brass Band had been hired to play for a Lundi Gras party was in an exclusive gated community called English Turn, located beyond Algiers and almost in St. Bernard Parish. Its rather unusual name was taken from an interesting incident, in which a British ship heading up the river to claim Louisiana was met by the French Governor Bienville, who informed the British captain that the French had already established permanent colonies at Nouvelle Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana. The British did not pursue the matter, and turned their ship around in the Mississippi River to return to the Gulf, and the place where they did that became known as “English Turn”. The neighborhood was sprawling and quite beautiful, with lakes and golf courses, and the houses were absolutely gigantic. Although it was raining quite a bit, all was bright and cheerful inside the house, and the party was so crowded that the band members could barely get through the front door. Guests and musicians alike had fun.

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