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Getting Your Eggs Up in Germantown
Getting Your Eggs Up in Germantown

Getting Your Eggs Up in Germantown

Unlike most Memphians, Eggs Up Grill was not a new concept for me, as I had experienced it in its birthplace in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2008, on the last day of a music industry conference. I remembered being thrilled then, and I was equally pleased on my first visit to the new Eggs Up location in Germantown, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis.

The first impression is one of cheerfulness, with bright yellows and aquamarines in the restaurant’s walls and fixtures. The large room is also well-lit; there are both tables and a bar. Although the room seems large, it was packed to overflowing, and there was a considerable wait, as seems to be the case with almost all breakfast restaurants in Memphis. I managed to get a seat at the bar, as it was less of a wait than a table, and despite the frantic conditions, service was relatively decent. As for the food, it was delicious and reasonably priced. Most of the breakfast standards are available, and there are a few twists on traditional fare, including a breakfast burrito. There are also mimosas for those who enjoy a boozy breakfast, and a few lunch options, including a burger.

Aside from the wait and crowd, I had no general complaints. The main concern is that Memphis has gone from having almost no breakfast choices to having them on every corner. Several chains have entered the local scene, from Another Broken Egg to Big Bad Breakfast to the Toasted Yolk and now Eggs Up Grill, and that was in addition to the local entities we already had. All of them I have tried (the Toasted Yolk is the exception, as I have not been there) are decent, and while the prices vary, none are much cheaper or more expensive than the others, so the obvious question is whether Memphis can support this level of breakfast places. But given the growing popularity of Sunday brunch, perhaps the zone is not oversaturated at all. Certainly Eggs Up Grill is a welcome addition to the Memphis area, and worth a visit.

Eggs Up Grill

9155 Poplar Avenue, #24

Germantown, TN 38138

(901) 417-7171

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