Delta Easter: Mattson, Mississippi and True Vine Church

Mattson is a community which would seem to be the center of a large plantation. That being said, it is laid out like a beautiful village, around a large park or square, with a large church or chapel, and all of the houses painted white, these probably existing for the farm managers. While I could find little online about the history of the community, I did find that a post office was established at Mattson on July 3, 1897, so that would seem to be the founding of the farm and the town. Behind the large chapel, I came upon the Truevine Missionary Baptist Church, surrounded by fields and a cemetery.

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  1. This is interesting because I am 70 years of age and was born in Mattson. Truevine MBC was our church and I was baptized at about the age of 10. It warms my heart to hear about this community and church. My father and some of my grandparents are buried in the
    cemetery surrounding the church. I left Mattson for the first time more than 50 years ago. I presently reside in California.

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