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Come to Clarksdale and Enjoy the Homeland Security Festival!
Come to Clarksdale and Enjoy the Homeland Security Festival!

Come to Clarksdale and Enjoy the Homeland Security Festival!

The evidence of a Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival committee woefully out of touch with the blues, tourism, Clarksdale and basic common sense simply continues to mount. The following Facebook conversation dates from Friday August 10, and reveals that Homeland Security was brought in to “secure the inner perimeter” and that people were not even allowed to bring in bottled water until some local business owners complained. 

“Ok EVERYONE!! Here’s the latest from the All Free Sunflower Blues and Gospel Festival…. YOU CANNOT BRING A BOTTLE OF WATER INTO THE GATES!!! That’s right! I can understand no coolers, no alcohol, BUT NO WATER?? It’s only 94 degrees outside !!! They say everything MUST BE PURCHASED AT THE EVENT!! EVEN WATER!! So please do not try to support the local business owners here in Clarksdale by purchasing water there and head to the festival… I Just watched 9 bottles of unopened water go in the trash can at the gate!

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Lois Erwin Interesting ??? Homeland Security is in control!

August 10 at 7:02pm · Like

Will Rooker ‎Lois Erwin ~ They are in charge of Securing the inner Perimeter.. I spoke to them and they do not agree with the NO WATER issue either… They have been instructed that it is a committee decision so they are not manning the gate.. The private security company is in control of the gate.

August 10 at 7:05pm · Like

Lois Erwin So, who is the committee?

August 10 at 7:06pm · Like

Will Rooker The Sunflower Blues Festival Committee

August 10 at 7:06pm · Like

Lois Erwin Ahhh…well, they are pulling off a big one this weekend! God Bless Clarksdale. and God bless America

August 10 at 7:07pm · Like · 3

Will Rooker Seen several disgruntled people at the gate when they were told they had to throw away their unopened bottles of water…. And how is this going to help support the local businesses downtown that sell refreshments ?? Where’s the support system for the local business owners?”

August 10 at 7:09pm · Like · 4

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